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It's defined as "an act of granting sexual access for payment" and is considered illegal on a local basis in all states except Nevada. For the women who work the streets, it's a sobering reality that determines self worth by the desires and wallets of strangers.


Street walkers, call girls, hookers, whores, prostitutes Region 8 has its own red light district For neighbors, it's just part of the scenery. Now, it's about every hour and hour and a half, two hours," said Majewski.

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But for about two dozen women in Jonesboro Many have suffered from years of abuse and often fight addictions of meth and crack cocaine Stephen McDaniel. The courts and the police department are limited in what they can do about the problem.

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For many women, getting arrested for prostitution is a revolving door. But by law, you will get into more trouble for stealing a candy bar. It involves a fine and some short jail time and then they are right back out on the street," said Sgt. For these women, it's a hard life on the streets They don't care.

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They really do not care. They just get them and toss them out like they were trash, and they show no respect.

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That's not cool. Everybody is a human being," said Majewski.

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We're talking corporate men. People in big nice cars. It's not just the druggies picking them up and beating them up, it's corporate too.

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It's people with businesses and stuff like that," said Majewski. Prostitution in Region 8.

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February 9, — Posted at p. It can be portrayed as glamorous Krewson Street resident Sue Majewski agrees.

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But the cliental might surprise you.

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